Payment Gateway Services

In addition to obtaining the appropriate payment methods for your business, we know that processing that payment securely is just as important.

Our PCI compliant payment gateway will safely transmit your customer’s payment data all while providing you with flexible features to help detect fraud, appropriately route your transaction to the allocated MID, and ultimately presenting detailed reporting to help you view each transaction or a summary per your specifications.

Accepted Currencies

Regardless of where in the world your target market may be, you can accept payments in over 125 different currencies worldwide.



Worldwide Processor Integrations

Offering over 125+ Domestic and International Processor Connections you are free to add merchant accounts from any other processor to your Alto payment gateway.

Third-Party Shopping Cart Integrations

Integration is as easy as can be with 150+ Shopping Cart / CRM Integrations already in place. Chances are integration is a simple plug and play with your current Shopping Cart or CRM.



API Integration Methods

Have a custom CRM / Shopping Cart? We can provide you with our APIs for full customization and control to integrate to your specific needs.

Manage all MIDs from one account

Process payments, view reporting, organize products and manage multiple accounts all within one system and user interface.



Transaction Routing

Manage and route transactions based on a variety of functions using a single interface.

Fraud and Risk Tools

Using rules-based fraud prevention tools, screen suspicious activities and create your own rules to flag or prevent potentially fraudulent transactions. Tools are completely customizable to run as wide open or stringent as you desire.



Recurring Billing

Set up recurring billing by simply establishing a recurring billing schedule and the gateway will bill your customers per your schedule.


View snapshots of activity or detailed transaction information to help determine profitability, risk analysis, and fraud prevention from all of your merchant accounts in one centralized location.



Virtual Terminal

Manually enter mail or telephone order transactions via the virtual terminal. Set up one master account and/or sub accounts with custom permission controls for staff members to process orders. The Batch Processing tool can help batch all transactions at one time if your preferred method is batch processing.


By pairing merchants with strategic acquiring partners based on industry, risk factors, geography and target market, Alto has been able to increase merchant revenue and reduce overall processing costs for our clients.

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